Residential Weight Loss That Works

Location & Facilities

Structure House is a 12-acre campus tucked away from the hustle and bustle of busy Durham, NC. Just minutes away from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Durham is known as being part of North Carolina’s famed Research Triangle. Within this triangle are six state-of-the-art hospitals and world-renowned obesity clinics, including Structure House. The New York Times just recently named Durham, NC “the diet capital of the world”.



Each one of our clients will reside in a private apartment located directly on our campus. At Structure House, we provide queen-sized beds and a fully furnished residential setting that quickly becomes your home away from home. In addition, weekly housekeeping services are provided, and we also offer you the opportunity to bring along a pet, spouse, friend, or family member. Structure House will also make deluxe apartments available to you for an additional weekly fee.

Fitness Facilities

The Life Extension Center, our appropriately named fitness facility, is where you will engage in exercise and physical activity. At the LEC, something is always happening, whether it is a personal training session in the weight room or a high-kicking martial arts clas

s in the gym. We offer a variety of different activities including stretch yoga, Pilates, volleyball, water aerobics, and more.

No matter what shape you are in, we guarantee that our fitness experts at the LEC will be able to get you moving in a way that works for you!