Binge Eating Program

Many individuals struggling with both obesity and binge eating have faced challenges in finding high-quality, effective treatment that can help with both concerns. Our Bridge Program is unique in its approach by “bridging” the gap between treatment for obesity and treatment for binge eating.

By drawing from scientifically validated treatments for binge eating (including cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy), participants who add the Bridge Program to their Structure House experience will practice the same healthy weight management strategies taught in the Core Program. In addition, they will engage in group and individual sessions designed to specifically address the psychological, emotional, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to binge eating.

In the Bridge Program, participants work closely with licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, and registered dietitians who are experienced in providing specialized care for binge eating.

Highlights of The Bridge Program

Participants who add-on the Bridge Program during a four week stay at Structure House will complete all of the recommended Bridge Program activities. However, new and returning participants staying less than four weeks are also welcome and encouraged to add the Bridge Program to any of their treatment weeks.

Each week, the Bridge Program includes the following specialized treatment activities:

• Overcoming Binge & Emotional Eating Class Series (1 hr per week)
• Behavioral Coping Skills Training (2 hrs per week)
• Nutrition Counseling Group (1 hr per week)
• Therapeutic Eating Challenges (1 hr per week)
• Individual Therapy (25-minute session included each week of Bridge participation)

*Note: Individuals with Bulimia Nervosa often experience binge eating. In addition to binge episodes, those with Bulimia Nervosa engage in behaviors to attempt to compensate for the excess calories consumed during binges. These can include self-induced vomiting; overuse of diet pills, laxatives, or diuretics; excessive exercise; fasting or excessive calorie restriction. The Bridge Program at Structure House is not suitable for individuals with Bulimia Nervosa. Many treatment options are available, including other residential facilities, hospital-based programs, and intensive or standard outpatient treatment. For those with Bulimia Nervosa who need appropriate treatment, we can suggest resources and referrals to help you receive the right care.