Bariatric Program

Weight Loss Surgery Support

Our cognitive-behavioral, lifestyle change oriented approach can help you prepare for weight loss surgery and the behavioral changes required post-surgery to maximize and maintain your weight loss. If you’ve already had surgery, we can assist you in adapting to new eating behaviors and body changes, preventing weight regain, or understanding and coping with emotional or behavioral concerns that impact your health behaviors and long-term success.

Our multi-disciplinary team of therapists, dietitians, exercise specialists, and nurses has worked extensively with individuals who have received bariatric surgery. We understand and can help you manage the physical, medical, nutritional, and psychological needs that accompany weight loss surgery.

We believe that your weight loss surgery will be most successful when you are appropriately prepared, have begun to practice some of the health behaviors required after surgery, and when you receive behavioral and psychological support and treatment after surgery. The combination of nutrition education, nursing care, physical activity, and behavior change curriculum can help you address various issues that can affect individuals pre- or post- weight loss surgery, including:

• Emotional eating, binge eating, or other disordered eating behaviors
• Body image and Self-esteem
• Social eating and relationship challenges after surgery
• Grieving the loss of food in your life
• Healthy nutrition
• Non-food related stress management and emotional coping strategies
• Incorporating physical activity into your life

Participants also have the option of adding individual therapy sessions, personal nutrition counseling, personal training, medical and psychiatric appointments, and massage to address individual needs and concerns that pertain to weight loss surgery.