Weight Loss Programs

The weight loss programs at Structure House are designed with YOU in mind. We know that each individual comes to us with specific weight loss and health goals, and we have designed several programs to help our guests focus on those goals during their time with us.

On this page you will find information about our Foundations Program as well as our specialized tracks. The overarching mission of the Foundations Program is to provide you with the insight and skill to live a long and healthy life without the barriers of obesity and obesity related conditions.

Some participants choose to add specialized tracks to their program that use the latest science to target diabetes and/or binge eating. Other participants have either considered or completed bariatric surgery. Our experience has been that most people attending Structure House realize that surgery is unnecessary following a course of treatment but we are here to support you before or after surgery if that is the best option for your unique needs.

If you are looking for information about one of our specialized weight loss programs, click one of the links below:

The Structure House Foundations Program

Whether returning to a healthy weight means you need to lose 20 or 100+ pounds, our Foundations Program will help get you there. Not only will you lose a significant amount of weight while you are with us, you will learn everything you need in order to continue losing weight at home.

This four-week intensive program includes a schedule of behavioral workshops, exercise, and nutrition classes. Emphasizing a medically-sound approach to healthy eating, Structure House provides individual nutrition counseling, menu planning for home, private cooking lessons, restaurant outings, supermarket tours, and weekly cooking demonstrations.

Helping you learn how to change the way you think, act, react, feel, and live is at the heart of our education-based program. We go well beyond the typical format you would expect at a weight loss program – teaching you essential skills such as shopping for and preparing healthy foods, ordering nutritious options in restaurants, understanding your emotional relationship with food, and finding solutions for managing the stressors in your life.

Many newcomers have described their Structure House experience as college-like, prompting us to begin referring to our Foundations Program as the “School for Change.” At this School for Change®, you can experience more than sixty weekly classes, workshops, individual meetings, and group outings, covering four key areas: Behavior, Nutrition, Fitness, and Physical Medicine. You can discard negative habits and learn new behaviors for permanent lifestyle change. Experienced staff members who hold doctoral and master-level degrees will instruct and encourage you. With your fellow students, you discover the basics of good nutrition in classes and in the dining room.


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