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At Structure House our goal is to equip you with the most comprehensive and effective toolkit for reaching your weight loss goals. We also understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer you a variety of program options and flexible lengths of stay. Our weight loss specialists are available to assist you in figuring out which program is best for you.

Foundations Program
Our core program at Structure House is the Foundations Program. A total of four weeks, this all-inclusive option comes complete with food, housing in private apartments, one-on-one appointments with the team, access to fitness facilities, and over 50 clinical and fitness classes a week. While we strongly believe that the most significant changes and benefits come from completing the four-week program at one time, we offer you the flexibility to complete your four weeks in whichever manner you choose over the course of one year.
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Binge Eating Track
The clinical team at Structure House has designed a specialized program to provide a higher level of care to individuals who struggle with emotional or binge eating. Drawing from scientifically validated treatments (including cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy), participants who add the Binge Eating Bridge Program to their Structure House experience will practice the same healthy weight management strategies taught in the Foundation Program. In addition, they will engage in group and individual sessions designed to specifically address the psychological, emotional, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to binge eating.
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Diabetes Track
Many individuals struggling with obesity are diabetic or pre-diabetic and need treatment to effectively address the drivers of diabetes. Structure House has partnered with Duke University to offer advanced medical and clinical care directly targeting diabetes. Care is provided by Certified Diabetes Educators and a Board Certified Duke Endocrinologist to promote healthy glucose levels while significantly reducing medication. We encourage you to reserve your spot in this program early, as space is limited.
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Family Support Program
Our compassionate team understands how difficult it can be to leave home without your loved one or companion, which is why we offer the opportunity to have them join you for the duration of your stay at Structure House. Your support person is invited to experience our programming with you, providing them with the knowledge and skills to cheer you on during your journey to weight loss success.

Fees by Program and Length of Stay

When you book your stay at Structure House, the only upfront fee will be a $500 security deposit. We accept personal checks, MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Two-bedroom, pet apartment and smoking apartments are available. If you have any questions, please contact us at: 800.553.0052


Return Visits

New Participants
Length of stay Core Program Binge Eating Bridge Program Diabetes Program
4 weeks : $9,950 $11,450 $11,150
3 weeks : $8,534 $9,659 $9,584
2 weeks : $5,797 $6,547 $6,697
1 week : $3,306 $3,681 $3,906
Return participants: $1,795 per week
Family Support: $975 per week

*Rates subject to a 4% service charge and based on availability. Rates may change without notice.
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