About Us

Dr. Gerard J. Musante, founder of Structure House

Structure House is a residential weight loss facility that is located in Durham, North Carolina. We offer a unique, effective approach to weight management and lifestyle change. We integrate scientifically supported principles of nutrition, exercise, and psychology to help our clients adopt behaviors that will contribute to a healthier and more satisfying way of living. Founded in 1977 by clinical psychologist Gerard J. Musante, Ph.D., Structure House has changed the lives of over 40,000 people worldwide. Since inception, Structure House clients have shed over a 1,000,000 pounds and counting. In fact, 75% of our participants have maintained the weight they lost while in treatment at Structure House two years after discharge. 21% of our participants have lost over 20% of their body weight but more importantly, have maintained their losses.

Structurehouse_favorites_1203130522-300x199Structure House employs a team of experts in the medical, fitness, nutrition and clinical psychology fields all of whom have dedicated their careers to understanding how best to change lives. We provide a personalized program to each participant that is crafted from the most recent science on weight loss and physical and emotional health. . Structure House integrates medical, nutritional, fitness and clinical interventions into a holistic “Best Practice Model” of weight loss driven by research and experience rather than the utilizing the most trendy weight loss fads.

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